We take special pride in our salads and salad platters.  We keep it fresh and tasty with a variety of salads consisting of poultry, fish or vegetables along with Mediterranean health salads.  Our salads are a satisfying way to grab quick lunch.

Gourmet Again Deli Salads – Available Daily in the Deli

Albacore Tuna SaladAlbacore Tuna Salad $14.99/lb.$14.99
Carrot and Raisin SaladCarrot and Raisin Salad $9.99/lb.$9.99
Chopped Chicken LiverChopped Chicken Liver $12.99/lb.$12.99
Chunky Egg SaladChunky Egg Salad $7.99/lb.$7.99
Chunky White Meat Chicken SaladChunky White Meat Chicken Salad. $14.99/lb.$14.99
Chunky Whitefish SaladChunky Whitefish Salad $15.99/lb.$15.99
Creamy Cole SlawCreamy Cole Slaw $4.99/lb.$4.99
Cucumber and Onion SaladCucumber and Onion Salad $9.99/lb.$9.99
Health SaladHealth Salad $9.99/lb.$9.99
Israeli SaladIsraeli Salad $9.99/lb.$9.99
Jumbo Shrimp SaladJumbo Shrimp Salad $21.99/lb.$21.99
Lite Albacore Tuna SaladLite Albacore Tuna Salad $14.99/lb.$14.99
Lite White Meat Chicken SaladLite White Meat Chicken Salad. $14.99/lb.$14.99
Macaroni SaladMacaroni Salad $7.99/lb.$7.99
Red Skin Potato SaladRed Skin Potato Salad $4.99/lb.$4.99
Traditional Potato SaladTraditional Potato Salad $4.99/lb.$4.99